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Version 1.3

About the Operations and Maintenance Module

The Operations and Maintenance module provides criteria to self-evaluate an agency's operations and maintenance policies, processes, procedures and practices.

Operations and Maintenance is the third step in the lifecycle of a transportation project. This is where infrastructure planned, designed and constructed in prior steps is operated and maintained and data collected and new project needs identified are passed back to the System Planning step to complete the lifecycle of projects.

This module focuses on performing system-level operations and maintenance activities in a manner that contributes to the overall sustainability of the highway network. The OM criteria are primarily written for the scoring of an agency's internal and system operations as well as asset management and maintenance activities performed on the agency's infrastructure. Keep in mind that INVEST strives to seek a balance between providing structure and allowing for flexibility. Where a requirement seems vague or open to interpretation it is often done intentionally to allow agencies the flexibility to score their activities in a way that best meets their unique context and situation.

The OM module contains 14 criteria listed below combined into a single scorecard.

Operations and Maintenance Criteria

OM-01: Internal Sustainability Plan

OM-02: Electrical Energy Efficiency and Use

OM-03: Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Use

OM-04: Reuse and Recycle

OM-05: Safety Management

OM-06: Environmental Commitments Tracking System

OM-07: Pavement Management System

OM-08: Bridge Management System

OM-09: Maintenance Management System

OM-10: Highway Infrastructure Preservation and Maintenance

OM-11: Traffic Control Infrastructure Maintenance

OM-12: Road Weather Management Program

OM-13: Transportation Management and Operations

OM-14: Work Zone Traffic Controls


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