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Version 1.3

Goals of INVEST

INVEST is a set of best practices intended to identify, recognize, and promote above-and-beyond efforts towards sustainability in transportation programs and projects.

FHWA's primary goal is to improve the sustainability triple bottom line, the social, economic, and environmental outcomes, of highway programs and projects. Supplementary goals include establishing a method for identifying sustainability best practices in highway systems, projects, and programs; to assisting, aiding, encouraging the implementation of sustainable practices in the field of transportation; continually "raising the bar" in making progress towards more sustainable highway projects; and providing a forum for the exchange of best practices and emerging technologies.

INVEST is intended to provide guidance for practitioners to evaluate the sustainability of their transportation projects and programs and to encourage sustainability progress within the field of transportation. It is not required and it is not intended to encourage comparisons between transportation agencies.

INVEST strives to not "re-invent the wheel." Wherever possible, INVEST references and identifies the latest guidance and research for each criterion



Maryland DOT, MD 30 Hampstead Bypass MD 4, Habitat Fencing and Plantings

Maryland DOT, MD 30 Hampstead Bypass MD 4, Habitat Fencing And Plantings