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Case Studies

Transportation agencies across the United States are using INVEST to evaluate and improve sustainability within their agency and on their projects.

Case studies focus on the general use of INVEST and its implementation and/or scoring practices. Some focus more on process/application, some focus on a few select criteria, some focus on the overall experience of using INVEST. Case Studies are developed by the agency which submits them, with review and input by FHWA.

Use the map and filters below to find case studies relevant to your projects and/or agency.

NCTCOG - Pilot Test Use of INVEST for Long-Range Planning

INVEST Module: System Planning


 Download the NCTCOG Pilot Test Case Study (152 kb)

Description: NCTCOG serves as the council of governments for a 16-county region centered on Dallas and Fort Worth. The NCTCOG assessed its adopted long-range transportation plan, Mobility 2035 using INVEST’s System Planning module.

Mobility 2035:

  • Large Multi-Modal Transportation Plan
  • Rapid regional growth: 6.5M to 10M
  • Projected funding shortfall of $45B
  • Need to increase mobility, cut some improvements & reprioritize others
  • Influence travel behavior & demand, improve transportation / land use links
  • Extend life of existing assets, increase spending on O&M
  • Used INVEST to validate assumptions, ID improvements in asset management and infrastructure resiliency

INVEST SP Score (Pilot Test Version, approximate): 132 Points, Platinum

Highlighted Criteria:

SP-07: Multimodal Transportation and Public Health
SP-14: Transportation Systems Operations and Management
SP-15: Linking Planning and NEPA


FHWA Video of INVEST Usage on the Mobility 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan (Texas) - Short Version (2:08)

FHWA Video of INVEST Usage on the Mobility 2035 Long-Range Transportation Plan (Texas) - Long Version (2:45)


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