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Case Studies

Transportation agencies across the United States are using INVEST to evaluate and improve sustainability within their agency and on their projects.

Case studies focus on the general use of INVEST and its implementation and/or scoring practices. Some focus more on process/application, some focus on a few select criteria, some focus on the overall experience of using INVEST. Case Studies are developed by the agency which submits them, with review and input by FHWA.

Use the map and filters below to find case studies relevant to your projects and/or agency.

Western Federal Lands - Going-to-the-Sun-Road Rehabilitation Project

Lead Agency: Federal Lands Highway


 Download the WFL Going-to-the-Sun-Road Case Study (197 kb)

Approximately 80 percent of the two million annual visitors to Glacier Park travel the road. The Sun Road project received $27.6 million in federal stimulus money to reconstruct the road between Big Bend to Logan Pass in 2010 and 2011. Work was also completed last year between Logan Pass and Siyeh Bend as well as a section of road along McDonald Creek below the West Tunnel. This year, work will continue between Haystack Creek and Big Bend as well as between Avalanche and Logan Creek for a total of 5.5 miles of construction activity.

Project Highlights:

  • 70 years of traffic, weather, avalanches & rockslides
  • Aggressive 20-year seasonal rehab program keeps road open but work moving ahead
  • Reusing all existing stonework, reseeding disturbed roadsides
  • INVEST helped validate context sensitivity but also improve their documentation & communications

Sustainability Facts:

  • Safety improvements will be made at high-priority rockfall locations and at pullouts, overlooks, and parking areas.
  • A comprehensive mitigation program strives to limit impacts on tourism.
  • Work can be done only five to six months of the year, typically mid-May to mid-October, because of harsh weather and the annual winter road closure.
  • During construction, visitors can still drive their own vehicles over the road as usual, but they have the option of leaving their cars at two transit centers—one at each end of the park—and taking regularly scheduled shuttle buses to the most popular destinations on Sun Road, such as trailheads, overlooks, and interpretive sites.
  • The entire Sun Road mitigation program will be supported by an extensive intelligent transportation system (ITS) computerized communications network that will provide real-time information to visitors regarding road conditions, parking availability, traffic, weather, transit schedules, and more.

INVEST Scorecard: Extended

INVEST PD Score (Approximate): 60 Points, Gold

Stand out Criteria:

PD-03: Context Sensitive Project Development
PD-07: Habitat Restoration
PD-18: Site Vegetation
PD-19: Reduce and Reuse Materials
PD-28: Construction Quality Control Plan



FHWA Video of INVEST Usage on the Going-to-the-Sun-Road Rehabilitation Project (Montana) - Long Version (3:52)

FHWA Video of INVEST Usage on the Going-to-the-Sun-Road Rehabilitation Project (Montana) - Short Version (2:53)


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