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INVEST Curriculum

Free, Flexible Materials to Teach Tomorrow’s Professionals About Sustainable Transportation Practices

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has developed a semester-long curriculum to help students and professionals understand and apply its Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool (INVEST). The free flexible tool helps practitioners, planners, engineers, and other professionals assess the sustainability of transportation plans, programs, and projects.


Provide Tomorrow's Workforce With a Pathway to Sustainability

The INVEST curriculum introduces students to the triple-bottom line of sustainability in transportation: the social, economic, and environmental outcomes of our transportation system. The curriculum centers on key concepts, indicators, and performance measures. By focusing on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in transportation, the INVEST curriculum adds instant value to your existing program and helps you attract the next generation of students. The comprehensive curriculum can also be used in teaching practitioners and other professionals about sustainability in transportation.  

Lectures cover sustainable practices in transportation planning, project development, operations, and maintenance using the INVEST tool. Use the entire INVEST curriculum, or customize course materials for your lectures: 

  • Course syllabus 
  • Lecture plan and slides
  • Articles and case studies 
  • Quizzes and tests 
  • A real-world application using INVEST 
  • Sample assignments 
  • Introductory videos on INVEST and sustainable transportation 

Learn more about the INVEST tool and how your institution can offer the INVEST curriculum during an INVEST webinar scheduled on February 23, 2023, at 1:00pm EST.  The INVEST webinar will cover the INVEST tool, curriculum, course integration, and benefits to students.  Sign up for the free INVEST webinar.


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Rely on FHWA resources and assistance to help you implement the course into your current program.

If you are interested in adopting the INVEST curriculum or have any questions, please contact the INVEST team.