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Version 1.3

Course Materials

Sustainable Transportation Curriculum for Universities

Overview of Curriculum

As mentioned in the previous section, the curriculum is structured in a modular fashion to enable it to be adapted in different settings. Several course materials from the prototype course form the basis of the curriculum. These include:

  • 12 lectures in PowerPoint format, which can be used individually or in combination to teach part of or an entire course.
  • 3 recorded videos that cover a subset of the 12 lectures, which can be used for self-learning or incorporated into classes or workshops.
  • A sample course structure including course overview, learning outcomes, key lecture and reference material, and topics to be covered.
  • Additional reading and case studies that can be used for class discussion and student assignments to supplement the lecture materials.
  • Sample assignments that instructors can adapt and assign to students, including ideas for a final project using INVEST.
  • A quiz bank of questions that instructors can use to assess student learning through quizzes or exams.