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Version 1.3

INVEST Version 1.3 Summary of Revisions

This page summarizes the changes made in INVEST Version 1.2 to create Version 1.3.


Version 1.3 includes minor edits, criteria clarifications, and fixes to broken resource hyperlinks in INVEST. The expanding group of questions below describe the changes that were made and what that means for project and program evaluations already underway.

Renamed SPR-17 and SPS-17 to Planning and Environmental Linkages

Both SPR-17 and SPS-17 were renamed (from Linking Planning and NEPA) to Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) to better align to FHWA's PEL Program. You can read more about PEL here.

Broken Links Repaired

A major undertaking in INVEST is to provide additional resources and links to other information that you can use to make your programs and projects more sustainable. However, keeping external links up-to-date is a challenge and was a major effort in this version. Please let us know if you find any broken links by providing feedback!