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Technical Assistance Opportunities

The FHWA Sustainable Transport and Resilience Team offers a variety of technical assistance to help State Departments of Transportation (DOTs), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and others use INVEST. This technical assistance includes:

  • Trainings (up to two hours) – Via webinar or conference call, FHWA staff will walk users through how to use the tool. Training can be conducted on-site, if schedules and resources permit.
  • Peer-To-Peer Contacts – FHWA can connect State DOTs, MPOs, and others with those who have already used, or are using, INVEST so that they can share their experiences and lessons learned, suggest approaches, and answer questions about what they have done. This gives prospective users a chance to communicate openly and directly with others who may have similar sustainability goals within their transportation programs or in their projects.
  • Implementation/Scoring Workshops (full-day) – FHWA offers workshops that focus on assisting State DOTs and MPOs with going through the INVEST scoring process for a project, plan, or program and with implementing more sustainable practices. These workshops can be catered to the specific needs and goals of an agency. 

To learn more about INVEST and technical assistance opportunities, contact:

Michael Culp – 202-366-9229,

Connie Hill Galloway – 804-775-3378,

Tina Hodges – 202-366-4287,

Heather Holsinger – 202-366-6263,

 Download the technical assistance opportunities brochure  (1,414 kb)