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Version 1.3

Submit Innovative Criteria

A best practice selected to be submitted as an innovative criterion should be considered to be innovative or an emerging technology AND should also be above and beyond regulations, standards and conventional practice. Many criteria within INVEST are results-based, meaning the results are measured rather than the method itself. This is intentional as to allow practitioners ample leeway for obtaining sustainable results. Keep this in mind when determining whether a best practice is indeed innovative.

Above and Beyond refers to best practices that are in addition to what is typically required by standard or regulation, or by conventional practice for similar projects.

Best Practices are sustainable techniques, methods, practice, processes, or materials.

Emerging Technology is a best practice that has not yet been tested and proven effective or feasible for wide-spread adoption or application.

Innovative refers to a new and unique method, practice, or solution that is not already addressed in INVEST. If the points earned by employing the best practice can earn points elsewhere within the existing INVEST criteria, this does not satisfy the definition of innovative.

Sustainable refers to contributing to one or more of the triple bottom line principles.