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Version 1.3

Step 1: Submittal Instructions

After reviewing the Rules and Disclaimers on the Submit Innovative Criteria page, to submit an innovative criterion, download the Innovative Criterion template (an editable .docx file) and use the instructions within the template to aid in writing and developing the innovative criterion. Follow the guidelines written within this template and adhere to the format provided. Use FHWA-developed INVEST criteria for examples of formatting and numbering. Complete all sections and all tasks listed within the instructions in the Innovatie Criterion Template.

When the criterion or all innovative criteria are complete for the project or program being evaluated (multiple innovative criteria for one project/program must be submitted together), go to Step 2 Submit Innovative Criteria to submit the innovative criterion/criteria to FHWA. Submit innovative criteria in both .docx and .pdf formats. The submittal page includes information necessary for submittal, this includes key information about the innovative criterion needed for scoring, the project/program name, the name and contact information of the person submitting the criterion/criteria, and the name and contact information of the agency or organization submitting the criterion/criteria. The name and contact information of the person submitting the criterion/criteria will not be published on the website.

Once the innovative criteria for a project have been submitted along with the required submittal information, the points for the innovative criteria will be added to the applicable program/project score and the innovative criteria will be available to view on the program/project scorecard page. Periodically, FHWA will review the innovative criteria submitted and may choose to publish them on the website.