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Version 1.3

Submit Criterion Example

Information for Submitters

With the submittal of a criterion example, FHWA reserves the right to:

  1. Share your example on the INVEST website. The agency name will be shared, but name and contact information of the person who submitted the criterion will NOT be shared on the website, but will be visible to FHWA.
  2. Elect to review and provide feedback on your example, but is not obligated to do so.

While use of the INVEST website is private, and information about projects/programs and scores is not available to FHWA or other users, if a user selects to submit a criterion example, the information provided within that submittal is not considered private. The purpose of this is to ensure that examples are carefully considered by users and to provide a 'forum' for ideas and examples to be shared among transportation practitioners. The scoring for any projects/programs registered by a submitter of a criterion example stays private; only the information pertaining to the criterion examples is shared.

Submittal implies consent for FHWA to publish the example online; publishing online does not imply consent, approval, or endorsement by FHWA.

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