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Version 1.3

Innovative Criteria

Up to three Innovative Criteria, IN-01 through IN-03, are available per scorecard for each of the four modules (SPR, SPS, PD and OM). Innovative Criteria allow users to define sustainable innovations and emerging technologies addressed in their projects or programs that are not reprepresented in INVEST in order to earn points for these innovations. The points earned for using Innovative Criterion are bonus points earned because no points are included in the total number of points achievable for this criterion.

For each module, the number of Innovations, Points per Innovation, and the Maximum Total of Points Earned from Innovative Criteria is limited per the following table:

Organizations desiring to use the Innovative Criteria will fill out a form and a template for a new criterion on their topic. The form requests basic information, confirms the topic is not already included in INVEST, and confirms that it goes above and beyond regulations and the standard practice of care. This is submitted to FHWA for a quick review, and will be added to the project or program scorecard if and when concurrence by FHWA is obtained. The examples submitted will also be available to share in the section below. To learn more about submitting a criterion, use the buttons on the right sidebar.

To view innovative criteria submitted by other users, use the sorting and filtering function below.

Module State Agency Title Find Criteria
PD WA Example